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Early Detection Means Early Treatment

One of the most important reasons to stay on track with regular comprehensive eye exams is so an optometrist can assess your eye health and diagnose eye conditions or diseases in their early stages. Detecting eye diseases early and before they progress can allow our team to suggest management and treatments to help preserve your vision.

Let us walk you through an eye exam and put your mind at ease.

Diagnostic Technology & Eye Diseases

The process of diagnosing eye diseases and eye conditions in our practice is enhanced with the extensive technology we use. Eye diseases do not always present symptoms in their early stages, so using diagnostic technology is an essential part of the eye exam process.

Technology such as optical coherence tomography, tonometry, and retinal imaging are all used as diagnostic tools that assist us in identifying common eye diseases.

Common Eye Diseases & Conditions

There are a variety of eye diseases and conditions to watch for. Here are a few common diseases we may monitor for during your comprehensive eye exam:

Glaucoma is categorized by increased pressure in the eye due to excess fluid. Symptoms of glaucoma are not always present, but you may experience eye pressure, pain, and blurry vision. If left untreated, glaucoma can lead to optic nerve damage or even vision loss.

Glaucoma affects over 800,000 Canadians but can be treatable with medications, laser procedures, or surgery.

Cataracts are categorized by cloudy vision and are a normal part of aging. You may be experiencing cataracts if you have foggy or dull vision, light sensitivity, or light halos. Cataracts usually start slow but can cause vision problems if they progress unmanaged.

Cataract treatments can include prescription glasses, but likely a surgical procedure is required to completely remove them.

Those with diabetes can develop a condition called diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is categorized by damage to the blood vessels in the retina and, if left untreated, can lead to vision loss

Visiting your optometrist for a diabetic eye exam can help to identify diabetic retinopathy early and offer treatments such as medications, laser treatments, and surgical procedures in some cases.

Macular degeneration, also known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), is characterized by damage to the macula over time. The macula is responsible for clarity and sharpness in our vision, and with aging, this degenerates.


There are two types of AMD:


  • Dry AMD, which is when the macula thins out over time due to aging. This type of AMD is the most common and typically progresses slowly.
  • Wet AMD, which involves blood vessels developing in the back of the eye which causes macular damage. Wet AMD progresses faster than dry and is less common.

AMD usually presents itself without symptoms, although later stages can come with blurry or wavy-looking vision. Treatments for AMD include medication and laser procedures, and it has been found that smoking can put you at an increased risk for AMD.

Start With a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Regular eye exams are your best defence against eye disease. Visit the team at Stoney Creek Optometry for family-friendly and technology-focused care. Book your appointment today.

Extended Hours, Direct Billing, & Conveniently Located

Life can get busy, and we want to help simplify your eye care experience. We are conveniently located on all major bus routes, provide free parking, have extended evening and Saturday hours, and offer direct billing to most insurance companies. We implement our extensive experience and innovative technology into our eye exams to ensure your visit is a productive one.

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